Enhanced cost-efficiency for wind farms

Hanover, April 23, 2012 - The PASS M00 multifunctional modules from ABB offer numerous advantages to wind farm operators when it comes to grouping together turbine outputs in offshore three-phase networks, thus contributing towards enhanced cost-efficiency levels.

TThanks to complete gas-insulation and functional design, PASS M00 modules score highly in terms of enhanced dependability and compact dimensions. They can be quickly installed, since no high-voltage test is required on site. Their modularized construction, moreover, facilitates maintenance work – malfunctions can be swiftly eliminated. By virtue of their motorized operation, the PASS M00s can also be remote-controlled. In addition, they can be simply combined with oil-filled, gas-filled and dry-type transformers.

The reference example of a wind farm featuring 5-MW wind energy systems of the latest generation has proven beyond doubt: the use of PASS M00 modules in 72-kV offshore networks enables a complete high-voltage substation to be installed in a single tower. This creates a multitude of advantages, with beneficial effects on cost-efficiency. The number of bays and parallel cables can be reduced, for example, and power generation and amperage per wind energy system can be increased.

From a financial viewpoint, moreover, it’s important to note that using the PASS M00 enables transmission losses in three-phase submarine cables of the offshore network to be reduced, as can the voltage drop in the feeders. If the wind farm is located near the coast, moreover, the construction of offshore transformer substations can be dispensed with. And finally, the PASS M00 modules enhance the reliability of the offshore networks and the flexibility of internal configuration.

The PASS M00 multifunctional modules from ABB are available for voltages of between 72.5 kV AND 100 kV, with short-circuit currents of up to 40 kA.

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