ABB showcases eco-friendly combined-transformer solution: the PVA 123

Hanover, April 23, 2012 - At the 2012 Hanover Fair, ABB is showcasing its PVA 123 combined-transformer solution, which enables compactly dimensioned, cost-economical, footprint-minimized and eco-friendly transformer substations to be.

The combined transformers of the PVA 123 family can be used for measuring, metering and protections functions in high-voltage substations installed in networks with a maximum operating voltage of 123 kV and a frequency of 50 Hz. In contrast to the traditional solution featuring separate current and voltage transformers, the PVA 123 combines both these components in a hermetically sealed housing.

The current transformer is accommodated in the top section, while the voltage transformer is in the lower vessel. The top construction of the current transformer section in the PVA 123 makes it possible to have high values for thermal and dynamic short-circuit currents, plus a wide range of rated currents and loads for the secondary windings. The PVA 123s are available in two different versions, with a composite or porcelain insulator.

The combined-transformer concept downsizes the capital investment costs involved, since less equipment, fewer support constructions and connections are required. Besides the transportation costs, moreover, the erection times and costs are reduced as well. The footprint of the bay itself is likewise reduced. The eco-friendly transformer is maintenance-free, and contains only a small quantity of an insulating oil, which is easy to dispose of. The PVA 123 combined-transformer unit has a delivery time of only a few weeks.

Please click on the picture for download:

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